Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our British Goverment Is Full of Twats.

Today I learnt that our Prime Minister has stabbed his country in the back, again. Third time running, Britain. First Blair and now Cameron.

It angers and deeply saddens me to read the news that the British government plans to build a new permanent naval base in Bahrain, Iraq. The monarchy in Bahrain is infamous for an appalling human rights record, seen in 2011 when pro-democratic forces were crushed. They were aided here by another fellow British ally, Saudi Arabia.

Once again, the British government has 'struck a deal' with a reactionary, hot headed, authoritarian regime in the Middle East. All in the name of "security and democracy". Utter nonsense, complete bullshit.

When I heard the news that our government planned to "bomb ISIS with drones", I was angry. Very angry. We've deluded ourselves - with thinking that the Islamic State of Levant is something we can directly assault and eradicate. This is clearly not the case. They are an ever-growing lucrative and very fluid militant force. A problem that alongside the US government, that we created. I have no objection to the eradication of such a radical force, but our society must consider why they are fighting. From oil, to the spread of democracy -  we illegally invaded this country. Isn't it plausible that there would be reactionary forces springing up? Now under the umbrella term Islamic State, they plan to conquer the Levant in due time. As much as this needs to be stopped, the counter-terrorism mentality we have is all very wrong.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that the hundreds of troops will be deployed in Iraq. This includes combat-ready soldiers. In September 2014, David Cameron stated "Her Majesty's Government would not deploy UK troops in ground combat operations." Thus, members of parliament voted in favour of targeting ISIL with Drone strikes. I understood this as an attempt for the West to get involved, once again, in the East without putting British soldiers at risk. Now it is clear, that is not the case.

Luckily, a small number of MPs have signed an Early Day Motion, to stop the Bahrain deal which will ultimately lead to further tensions in the region.
Take a minute of your time to sign this petition and stop the ridiculous involvement, one in which we thought we learnt our lesson from.


"As you lay there beside me, I can't help but wonder about how something like you could come into being."

I never thought I'd be saying this.
I'm finding myself wishing I had more time,
more time to to spend with you.

Winter's crisp bites my hands,
as if I am to know the limits of pain.
Numbing my nerves,
as if to protect me from the possibility of an inevitable.

There's no blatant source,
yet I am subject to it.
I speculate holding myself back,
as if I know something terrible is to occur.

The vagueness of writing itself,
is a defensive measure.
I'm not afraid of giving,
as I am afraid of living.

To fulfil a pipe dream,
or to eliminate a threat.
Only one's heart can decide,
on which will be met.

"You can't just keep waltzing out of my life, leaving clothes on my bedroom floor."

It's fair to say that we're not kids anymore.
There's no need to be childish,
when we're not indulging in in humour.

You fucking amaze me in ways I've never experienced.
I've felt things never felt before,
and I thought I'd perceived all there is to do so.
From love to loss,
kindness to disgust.
Another human error on my behalf,
to think I, somewhat of an oracle, when it comes to human emotion.
My anecdotal advice cannot be generalised to others, yet that is all I have to relate and reassure.
Forever experiencing the trials and tribulations of the 21st century.

Wrapped in an engrossing blanket of love,
stitched at the seams by our arms.
Warmth and entaglement,
I could devour it all in an instant.

My prose has travelled a tangent.
I should stop.


Friday, December 5, 2014


If I am to say:
"I will make you happy"
Then I shan't shy
from giving you everything.

Love does not falter,
that is what I'm told.
Yet I'm finding it hard
to deal with getting old.

And I will help you sleep,
rest your tireless head.
As I cradle you gently
on either of our beds.

But I can't help but fear
over this fantastical affair.
I want to say "I love you."
or I wouldn't dare.

           *  *  *

Love is absurd
the way it can fade away
without a warning.

A signal, no green light.
No gleaming path to my
lover's delight.

What am I to do
if I'm crumbling apart
and all I can think about is you?

Where will I be
when I'm hung to dry
or left in the debris?

I can't help but think -
"what if the look in your eyes fades?"

We are nothing without love,
and yet we caress it's blades.



The way her hair falls,
onto her chest and each shoulder -
I'm taken back,
from the very foundations I set myself on.

Her green eyes,
perfectly symmetrical
with pupils as deep as space.
I could travel there for an eternity.

If Man were to venture upon her beauty...
Flocks would gather for an expedition.
An inquisition, on how the human race could grasp her allure.

I trouble myself
in thought and I ponder.
On how I came across
such beauty and wonder.


Friday, November 28, 2014

What's The Point?

What's the fucking point in continuing to live simply to indulge in your own devices and hobbies? There is more to life than simply what it offers you. Consumerism is eating people whole, now my friends are being sucked into the vortex of working for the vicious pigs. Which is understandable if the system is to stay in my lifetime. Working for money is justifiable under capitalist law. To live in a never-ending debt doesn't quench my thirst nor please my appetite.

I find it strange that people don't want to leave their mark on this world, to be remembered. That's the only thing that is carried along, by tongue to ear or written by the scholars. The history books speak of victors, not by-standing consumers.

Rise and shine, Britain.




I've come to a dubious conclusion. One in which that still needs work, yet I'm finding it hard to keep to myself. Many aspects of different ideas will shine through, so bare with me.

I know many people that think about life as a magnificent gift and burden. With more young people growing to the realisation that the world we live in has gone to shit, more of those people are growing to think more rationally and philosophically. Which is good in many senses.

Although, many young people are still deluded by the propaganda machines of the USA and UK, two nations I am ashamed to be borne to. As a white male living in the UK, it's become common knowledge that I am very privileged. That angers me. I don't want to be privileged, I don't want to be labelled a sexist, racist oppressor because of either my ancestral history or the shared ethnicity of another man that commits a horrendous crime. There are problems in this world that unfortunately are at the hands of white males and that needs to change. I don't think it's a problem of race, although some cases it is, I think it's a question of "who is in charge?".

Now many people believe in the conspiracies of a higher power, secret groups that control the world behind closed doors plotting turmoil etcetera, etcetera. What is true is unknown but we can agree that every government covers these powers. Or it may be that they are simply terrible governments. Although in either case, the latter is true.

Now it would be a terrible injustice to let this slide! Every single person living in this world is unfortunately conforming to corrupt, misogynistic, raping and delusional governments. It is plain and simple, every person must unite in solidarity to relinquish this world of the scum that we have created. Be that politicians, greedy CEO's or 'terrorists'. The very foundations of the capitalist system we abide by are faulty. It cannot be put any simpler, as cliché that may sound.

To do this is unknown by many. Some call for reforms, socialism, communism etcetera.

To you, ladies and gentleman. I am calling on your morals and judgements. Do your research, see that the world powers of the United States of America and Britain are disgustingly corrupt. Then join me in the future.

I call for a revolution.